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In June of 2016, I ventured to Havana, Cuba, with a group of photographers. Our goal was to capture the city and people we met on the streets with no filter. We strove to leave our preconceived notions at home and to let the moments, sights, sounds, and faces tell us their story. My feeling led me to focus on the textures and colors of the people and their environments to tell the story of contrasts in the island nation.
We documented our experiences in Cuba in a book titled "Cuba: Seven in 10." Visit or to learn more about the book and our experiences.
Cuban Cars... not Cliché, part 2.Fifty Eight Years and Counting...The Old and the NewIf only...Amid the streetsCourtyard of the Hotel SevillaCuban Cars... not Cliché, part 4.Cuban Cars... not Cliché, part 3.Music on the MalecónCuban Cars... not Cliché, part 6.Cuban Cars... not Cliché, part 7.Gran Teatro de La HabanaHotel Saratoga HavanaWhat's on the Menu?Dancing with Pride